Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monitor a Site Remotely for $99

I don't ordinarily plug products that I have not tried but this one appears to be quite a deal for the price. It is a wireless remotely controllable video camera that you can use to monitor a site remotely. It was demonstrated to me by someone here in Florida who uses it to check on their home up in Michigan. It was really cool. Hard to find a pan and tilt cam and all equipment needed to set it up for $99. Of course, the down side is you pay a $10 a month service fee but if you need this functionality you can't beat this deal.

AT&T Monitoring Deal

Two Computers, One Mouse

I love this application. I like surprising Barbara by moving my cursor over to her monitor and then clicking on an icon and moving it around while she is working. Besides this I cannot think of a practical application but it sure is fun. Anyone have any ideas? Add them as comments below. I would love to hear if you come up with a practical use for this neat little freeware package.

Feature - Lifehacker

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Kite Flying

Rick and I went to a local park to fly kites. I used my CVS disposable camcorder to create this short video of our Sunday afternoon kite flying.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tipping Point?

I can only hope that the Don Imus firing is a tipping point in our tolerance of rude and crude behavior in public personalities. I may be showing my age but I grew up in a time when public figures set a higher standard for people to use as role models. I have seen a trend over the last decade or more of greater and greater tolerance for rude behavior by public figures. The yardstick that we use to measure what is acceptable in public has gotten severely distorted in my view. An entire network, Fox News, has prospered by supporting public rants by people like Bill O'reilly and others. In O'reilly's case his written works seem pretty reasonable and sensible but his public persona like Don Imus is rude, domineering and bullying. The man is highly skilled in public debate and often leaves his guests shredded and wounded. The point is with O'reilly in particular is that he seems a very intelligent and reasonable man but his public persona is what sells and has sold for decades, a bullying and mean one. We see it everywhere in our culture. It is now publicly acceptable to publicly bash women, cops, and "The Man", through loudly played "Gangsta Rap" when stopped at a traffic light or in a parking lot. The intrusion on our individual space has not only become commonplace but the norm. I admit to attempting on several occasions trying to watch the Imus show and I guess I just did not get it. A rude and crude old guy in a cowboy hat ridiculing everyone around him. Like O'reilly he had redeeming qualities in his private life but the point is he became a rich, rude, old guy like many other TV personalities including Ann Coulter, Nancy Grace and many others on various networks because of his bad behavior in public. We paid for him to get that way through the network polls by casting our vote for rude and crude public behavior. I can only hope that his firing is a tipping point in our society that will lead us back to the times I knew as a kid when public persona's were elevating by their public behavior even if their off camera or off mike behavior was reprehensible. But, then again I could just be a middle class old guy hoping for a return to my youth.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kite Video

Just for fun I put my disposable CVS camcorder on my kite aerial photography rig. Get your dramamine and let's go for a ride!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Wunder Blog : Weather Underground

Wunder Blog : Weather Underground

This and the newly released IPCC summary, linked in the article above, are a must read. Some interesting and scary implications to global climate change although not all are bad. One that bears thinking about in terms of not only climatic but social change is the forecast for increased dryness in the Northern Mexico area. Will this increase the desire to come across the border from Mexico? My guess is that it will in the beginning but as the desert areas expand it will create a much larger barrier to cross than exists now. Specifically the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts could become an even harsher and dryer zone. See this Wikipedia discussion of those areas as they exist now.

NOVA | Saved By the Sun | PBS

NOVA | Saved By the Sun | PBS

Set your Tivos or VCRs if you are so unlucky as to have one of those to deal with. The Nova series on public TV is having a show about solar energy on

Tuesday, April 24 at 8 p.m.

Is it time to take solar energy seriously?

Green housing gains ground - 04/05/2007 -

Green housing gains ground - 04/05/2007 -