Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Roof

We are replacing our 40 year old concrete tile with a 5V metal panel roof. The new roof will be a Marine Green color. We are using a company in Lake Worth that specializes in metal roofs. The company is AMETCO and so far we are very happy with their work and would highly recommend them. I'll add to the photos as the project progresses.


Jane Jeffress THomas said...

I love the new roof. How neat that you have overhead camera know-how. Wonderful shots of them preparing and then installing the roof. Will they be projectiles during a storm? Around here with so many tin roofs, they blow and slice things in their path.

Strange thing, but somehowo or other, your site is now my homepage. I did have The Upperoom/devotional as my homepage and it won't go back and stay as the homepage. I am going to try once again and if it doesn't hold this time, I will probably email you to help me get my homepage back.


The Browns said...

Studies after the four hurricanes revealed the metal 5V panel roofs when properly installed were the most wind resistant. I don't think this is the same as what you know as tin roofs. This is fastened down every few inches with special screws. I wouldn't install anything that would come off in a storm. We have already had one tropical storm. The sky is just clearing from the heavy rains yesterday and last night.

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