Saturday, March 21, 2009

New things in Gmail

Gmail has served us well as a web based email client.  The developers are always coming up with new things to make it even more appealing.  Here are some new features that I really like:

YouTube previews in mail
by Stanley C and Braden K

Shows a video preview whenever you receive a YouTube link in an email. You can watch the video right inline!

Picasa previews in mail
by Dan, Stanley, Mark & Umesh

Shows photos previews whenever you receive a Picasa link in an email.

Flickr previews in mail
by Dan P

Shows photos previews whenever you receive a Flickr link in an email.

...and this one is especially nice.  It is still under development but works well.  The delay needs to be a bit longer or user configurable.  But, this is very nice.  We used to have an undo in our email at work and it saved me many times when I sent something and then had second thoughts about it.

Undo Send
by Yuzo F

Oops, hit "Send" too soon? Stop messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button.

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