Thursday, September 10, 2009

SC Politicians

First the governor of my home state goes AWOL for a few days for a hottie in Argentina. This is a guy who is married with children. He disappears saying he was "going hiking on the Appalachian Trail." When I say disappeared I mean it. No one knew where he was. No phone numbers, no addresses, no way to get in touch and he was gone for at least four days with out anyone knowing how to get in touch with him. Sad, because he seems to be a fairly nice person but hopelessly out of touch with reality.

Then, Senator Joe Wilson from South Carolina makes us proud by shouting out, "You lie" at one point during the president's speech. There was also some heckling from other members of the sad gang of naysayers that our GOP has become. I tried to go to Wilson's web site at to register my complaint. My hope is that it is because so many people are complaining to him but my fear is that it is because so many people are trying to congratulate him. I really have no way of knowing but I for one will keep trying to register my complaint.

South Carolina is a beautiful state and I would like to be proud of it but if those who represent us on the national stage continue to show such juvenile behaviors I fear that my pride is crumbling.