Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Dad

My dad is in Clarendon Memorial Hospital in Manning, SC.  He will be 90 in January.  About four days ago he had a bad case of diverticulitis and was admitted through the ER at the hospital.  He had emergency surgery to correct the problem.  I finally got to see him yesterday after a lot of travel obstacles reported previously here.  He looks as though he has been in a fist fight but by all reports from doctors and nurses he is doing remarkably well.  Yesterday he had a steady stream of visitors by friends and family and is now talking and entertaining the nurses in the ICU.  Luckily at this time he is the only patient in the ICU and the nurses are wonderful.  He has all of the ICU staff focused on him and they are providing excellent care.  The surgeon visited last night and said he was going to try to get him on his feet today and thinks he will be taking a few steps on his on.  He told me that dad is doing remarkably well for someone his age.  They are amazed at his rate of recovery.

The surgery went well in Tampa too.  Barbara is there caring for Kim.  We are thankful we are able to be retired and can divide our forces to cover all the bases.  This has been a logistical challenge for us and we still face some travel.  The Mothership was left behind in Tarpon Springs, Florida for repairs of the damage done by the tire blow out.  So, at some point I will travel back to Tampa to retrieve Barbara and the RV.  Perhaps we will then come back to SC depending on how well dad does and the situation with mom and dad.  They are likely to need us for a while even after that.  We shall see what we shall see.


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